How Does I-Plan De-risk Your Supply Chain?

We are I-Plan.

We provide the end to end supply chain planning software for process manufacturers.

Our industry experts help you master your supply chain through embracing demand volatility.

De-risk your supply chain with I-Plan today.

For the Sales Director, it’s about de-risking inventory, supply and distribution by accurately forecasting demand.

For the Supply Chain Executive it’s a question of balance, of de-risking the price of failure against the cost of service.

For the Finance Director it’s about de-risking the delivery of financial targets.

For the C-Suite, it’s about taking the risk out of the impact supply chain mismanagement can have on profitability and operational infrastructure.

For the IT Buyer or Technology Buyer it’s taking the risk out of choosing the best software solution.



De-risking your supply chain means knowing how it works, identifying where the uncertainties are, modelling ‘What-If’ scenarios and delivering solutions that can be deployed within hours or minutes.


It’s this clear understanding of the problems faced by global manufacturing companies and the elegance of our solutions that sets us apart.


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