Beautiful Supply Chain Planning

for the Process Manufacturing Industry

For 3 decades, I-Plan’s supply chain management software for the process manufacturing industry has been optimising processes, making businesses resilient to the knocks of global instability, supplier issues, and fluctuating demand.

Optimised supply chain improvements enjoyed by customers in the first year of their I-Plan journey.


Forecast accuracy improvement


Inventory reduction

10 days

Delivery lead time reduction


Customer service level improvement

One system, one data model, one version of the truth

Imagine a series of interconnected processes and people sharing information from your board room to your factory floor, putting your customer at the centre to drive service excellence and profitability.

That’s I-Plan.

Truly integrated business planning

Our modular software suite of interlocking building blocks works seamlessly with your existing systems, bringing yearly, monthly, daily and minute-by-minute accuracy and efficiency to your planning and operational execution.

Make the move, seamlessly

When you’re ready to leave the spreadsheets behind, I-Plan quickly integrates with your existing systems, transforming your operations by giving you real time oversight of your business processes.

I-Plan’s implementation process delivers a stream of work packages and guarantees a smooth and quick transition. Our consultants will guide you through the changeover, from implementation and training, through to fine tuning.


Set up

Set up implementation team, steering group, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Weeks 0-2


Sprint 0

Defining how to meet goals & objectives, increment planning for remaining scope of work

Weeks 2-4


Streamline implementation

Steady delivery of work packages with the I-Plan implementation toolkit of ready-made stories and acceptance criteria

Weeks 4–X

Give I-Plan a go

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