The Green Supply Chain

Written by Jack Cheesbrough
Director of Operations at I-Plan. Jack specialises in driving organisational change through the alignment of business goals, his functional knowledge of I-Plan translates into an advanced analytical approach to supply chain management. Jack’s people orientated approach to software implementation gives him a unique edge when working on business process change, leadership engagement and user training.
15th November 2019

It is now commonplace to hear news about organisations overhauling their supply chain in an effort to respond to global warming. While governments have introduced mandatory measures for organisations, such as carbon taxation, and increasing numbers of corporates manage their environmental management systems (EMS) through ISO 14001, rising consumer awareness of climate change has put further pressure on corporates to change their practices.

The imperative of building green supply chains is widely accepted – but when it comes to defining the exact impact green supply chains have on corporate performance – the way forward is less certain.

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