Interactive software delivery – as a mindset

An implementation approach for rapid business benefits

Our implementation, training and support services fit together to help you transition easily and quickly, or scale successfully in the face of uncertainty and change.

Designing your future, together

It all starts with what we call sprint zero. A 2-week work package where we work closely with your teams to understand data flows between systems, and the data requirements. Once we get our model working with your real life data, we then plan the increments of further work – laying firm foundations for a smooth transition.


Set up

Set up implementation team, steering group, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Weeks 0-2


Sprint 0

Defining how to meet goals & objectives, increment planning for remaining scope of work

Weeks 2-4


Streamline implementation

Steady delivery of work packages with the I-Plan implementation toolkit of ready-made stories and acceptance criteria

Weeks 4–X

Our agile approach

Our agile implementation approach is the ideal way to migrate your business processes.

Designed for maximum collaboration and knowledge transfer, we break the industry mold by embedding our teams with yours to deliver a constant stream of working software packages towards a shared goal.

Taking change in our stride, we can quickly create value together whilst you navigate the challenges of day to day business.

Online training and support

Embed the learning with our online suite of self-guided courses to help you transition and scale with us. Customers who purchase this license will have access to practical exercises related to their business where they can practice the I-Plan principles in a safe environment.

Together with our SaaS approach to delivery, the consulting and technical support, you can be certain of a smooth transition into I-Plan.

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