Software modules for truly integrated business planning

Roll out an integrated business plan from the boardroom to the factory floor, driven by the strategic plan and continually updated by the changes in demand and day to day production reality.

Sales & Operations Planning

Gain the strategic edge with our three Sales & Operations Planning modules. The high level, strategic visibility of capacity, materials, and inventory helps you create operational plans optimised for success and profitability.

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Demand Planning

  • Expert forecasting using statistical and machine learning methods
  • Powerful sales team collaboration
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Supply Planning

  • Financially driven operational plans
  • Balancing demand and supply
  • ‘What if’ scenarios
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Demand Control

  • React in a timely manner to short term demand changes
  • Manage sales quotas
  • Reallocate capacity

Sales & Operations Execution

The tactical and real time advantage over competitors comes as standard with our three Sales & Operations Execution modules. Unprecedented weekly, daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute accuracy in your planning and execution let you respond to demand with a clear picture of your capacity and stock – and help you identify opportunities.

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Production Planning

  • Detailed production scheduling
  • Optimised for minimum cost
  • Integrated trim optimisation
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Inventory Planning

  • Network-wide inventory planning
  • Automated order creation
  • Vendor managed inventory
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Order Promising

  • High speed automated ‘available to promise’
  • Driven by production and inventory plans

Business Intelligence

Navigate volatility with high level visibility of capacity, materials and inventory to forecast accurate cycles – and model the impacts of strategic decisions.
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  • Create your own reports and dashboards easily and quickly for complex data
  • Easily design KPIs for the business processes

Innovation in supply chain management

For 20+ years I-Plan has been ahead of the curve, identifying opportunities for better, more efficient supply chain management. Explore how our R&D thinking is pushing the boundaries.

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Macro AI forecasting

Giving businesses the ability to forecast using trends and data external to their operations (such as economic forecasts ) is fundamental to better enterprise level decisions. Our integrated AI algorithms offer just this capability.

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Automated demand control

Bringing machine learning to the problem of short term demand sensing can significantly improve responsiveness to short term demand fluctuation, reducing sales team workload and improving customer service level.

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Integrated trim optimisation

Cutting down waste in the paper and sheet manufacturing industry is key to improved profitability. Our pre-trim optimisation process helps improve production planning between different sizes of products, for increased efficiency.

Designed for resilience, scalability and performance

Integrate in a matter of weeks, not years, with our flexible integration approach and tools – making it easy for systems to exchange information flawlessly. Simply access the I-Plan modules directly through our SaaS subscription – and do away with the need for internal teams to deploy servers. And if you need to add more users or scale up capacity, we simply add more servers for speed, reliability and scalability.

Key features

  • Be up and running in a matter of weeks
  • Transition with minimum effort and peace of mind
  • Scale safely and securely to enhance resilience and growth

Integration as a service

I-Plan integrates with your existing business systems, such as finance, sales, transport, inventory and shop floor applications, integrating your information from boardroom to shop floor – giving you visibility, accuracy and control to plan from your strategic business goals and budgets, through to your minute by minute operations.

We’ve designed the I-Plan suite to deliver a seamless experience between systems, at high speed. Countless successful integrations later, we’ve perfected a multi-technology approach that works with all customer needs, standards and preferences – and we can take any challenge in our stride. With a standard structure for everything and tools to map to external formats we can consolidate your data into a single version of the truth, even if you have grown through acquisition and have multiple differing systems and data structures across your business.

Solutions we have integrated with

I-Plan integrates with types of systems – giving you visibility and accuracy to forecast according to different time horizons.

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