Analytics and Business Intelligence

The Risk

According to Janneke van Geuns, Head of Insights & Analytics at Google, “the biggest misconception is the perceived need to capture and measure everything and anything. A common belief is that if you capture every type of metric, it will tell you magically what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, that is not how we get to insights and would be comparable to having to find a needle in a haystack”.

Metrics and the data that drives them are not the answer. What matters is having as few metrics as necessary to make effective operational and strategic decisions. This is the essence of Business Intelligence.

The reason that most software implementations fail, is not because the platforms don’t work. It’s because the implementation process ignores human psychology leaving people unclear about what is expected of them leading to resistance and poor delivery. The problem businesses have is that complex, inflexible software inhibits clear, fast decision making and this inhibition is magnified when people have to interrogate an application and identify the key metrics that will de-risk a global supply chain.

Our Solution

I-Plan solves this problem.

It delivers clarity and actionable business intelligence displayed on psychologically intuitive interfaces. It is implemented as part of a comprehensive consultative process, managed by a team who take the time to understand the specific structure of your supply chain, its strengths and weaknesses, what needs to be measured and what doesn’t.

Above all, it synthesises the full range of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, which means you will know what’s happening, what the problems are, what might happen and what you need to do, at every point in your supply chain.

Test I-Plan with I-Plan Discovery

I-Plan Discovery allows you to test I-Plan before you buy. Please fill in the form below and we’ll demonstrate how I-Plan solves all the critical supply chain problems, simply and effectively.

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