Demand Control

The Risk

The biggest risk in supply chain planning is that the plan, based on the demand forecast, does not align with actual orders and variations are usually received from the customer at short notice. Mitigating this risk means minimising forecast error, quantifying potential error and building contingency into production and inventory plans.  However, if you can’t adjust your plan rapidly when actual orders arrive, you risk missing service level targets, increasing inventory and incurring increased production and transportation costs.

Our Solution

I-Plan’s relentless commitment to making supply chains as profitable as they can be means the evolution of our Demand Control solution is based on actual customer cases with ongoing developments incorporating artificial intelligence and deep learning. I-Plan senses customer order flow and adjusts short-term forecasts.This  provides your service team with the ability to re-optimise production, inventory and distribution plans to align supply and demand in the most profitable way.

The ultimate aim, as always, is to deliver exceptional customer service and the I-Plan Demand Control process allows you to achieve your service level goals at minimum cost. I-Plan delivers this outcome because it is designed to manage the ever-increasing levels of volatility and uncertainty that define supply chains.

Test I-Plan with I-Plan Discovery

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